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Scholarship applications are now closed. Applications were accepted online from 5 December 2013 to 13 February 2014. All scholarship applicants will be notified of their application status in mid-April.

The conference organizers are committed to making AIDS 2014 accessible to people from resource-limited settings and communities, researchers, young people, community activists and civil society representatives.

For AIDS 2012 in Washington, D.C. more than 10,000 applications were received and just over 850 scholarships were offered. For AIDS 2014 the same share of the total conference budget has been allocated scholarships.

International Scholarship Programme

The International Scholarship Programme is open to everyone around the world working or volunteering in the field of HIV and AIDS.

Priority is given to those whose participation will help enhance their work in their own communities, to those who are able to assist in the transfer of skills and knowledge acquired at the conference, and to those whose abstract, workshop or programme activity submission has been selected. Scholarship selection will be based on a non-biased scoring system established in advanced. A Scholarship Review Committee will contribute to the reviewing and scoring of the applications.

Although every attempt will be made to assist as many people as possible, we regret that there are only a limited number of international scholarships available. On average, less than 10% of applicants are awarded a scholarship. Applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to seek other funding as well.

International Scholarship applicants were asked to submit a letter of recommendation after completing the scholarship application form. No international application was accepted without submission of the letter of recommendation.

Media Scholarship Programme

A very limited number of scholarships are also available for media representatives from around the world. Media scholarship applicants were asked to provide media accreditation and supporting documents. No media application was accepted without submission of the required supporting documentation.

Selected Media Scholarship recipients will be asked to perform the following tasks:
  • Production of an article/tv/radio broadcast programme focused on AIDS 2014 before July 2014. The article/programme must be published within the recipient’s country or region and a link to it needs to be sent to . Please note that recipients will be provided with an information pack to help them with their article development.
  • Production of at least 2 articles/TV/radio broadcast programmes during the conference. Links to them need to be sent to by 15 August 2014.
  • Compulsory attendance to the pre-conference media training which will be held at the conference venue (media centre) on Sunday 20 July in the morning.
  • During the conference, compulsory daily attendance to a briefing on daily events with AIDS 2014 communications representatives.

Types of Support

Scholarship applicants were able to request a full or partial scholarship.
A full scholarship includes:
  • Registration fee for the conference (include access to all sessions and exhibitions);
  • Travel (pre-paid airfare at the lowest fare available, from the nearest international airport);
  • Accommodation (shared in a budget hotel or dorm for the days of the conference);
  • Modest daily living allowance for the duration of the conference (20-25 July 2014, USD 55 per day).
A partial scholarship includes any combination of the above.

Please note that funding is limited and demand for scholarships is high. Scholarship applicants are therefore encouraged to seek other funding as well.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more information.


Key Dates

13 February 2014, 24:00 CET
Scholarship applications close

June 2014
Pre-Departure Guide Available


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information on scholarships.

Webinar Materials

How to submit a scholarship application
9 January 2014

Visit the AIDS 2014 webinar page to watch the video and to download the PowerPoint presentation.

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