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Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors

These Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors are valid for each exhibitor registered to attend the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), to be held in Melbourne, Australia from 20 – 25 July 2014 (hereinafter referred to as “the conference").

Exhibitor registration is only applicable to exhibiting companies. The exhibiting company must nominate one group manager who will administer the exhibitor registration. It is the sole responsibility of the group manager to distribute all relevant conference information to the registered exhibitors.

All references to the age of a person, mentioned in this and other conference documents, refer to the age of that person as of 20 July 2014 (the first day of the conference), unless otherwise specified.

All references to a date or a deadline, mentioned in this and other conference documents, refer to the Central European Time Zone (CET).

Exhibitor registration

Only fully completed registration forms will be accepted. The registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of the exhibitors registration details and full payment (if applicable) from the group manager registering the exhibitors. The complete details for the group members must be provided no later than 27 June 2014.

To be able to be registered as exhibitor, individuals must be at least 18 years old. Exhibitors may be asked to present an official identity card stating their age.

Exhibitor registration includes entry to the exhibition and poster area, the satellites and the opening and closing session. It does not include access to the conference sessions, nor the conference bag and materials.

It is the responsibility of the group manager to inform the exhibitors whether the exhibitor name badge is being picked-up and distributed by the group manager or individually by each exhibitor. No exhibitor name badges will be handed out until payment in full has been received.

Each exhibiting company is entitled to the following number of exhibitor registrations:

Purchased Square Metres Exhibitor Badges
Up to 25m2
From 26 to 50m2
From 51 to 75m2
From 76 to 100m2
More than 100m2

Additional exhibitor badges can be purchased at USD 155. The maximum number of additional exhibitor registrations equals the number of free registrations according to the ratio above. For example, exhibitors who are entitled three free registrations can buy three additional registrations, those entitled six can buy six more, etc.

All badges are individualized with the name of the exhibitor and can not be passed on. There will be no badges issued with only the name of the exhibiting company.

Major Industry Sponsors

Each Major Industry Sponsor receives 30 free exhibitor registrations. Additional exhibitor registrations can be purchased at USD 120. The maximum number of additional exhibitor registration equals the number of free registrations, i.e. a maximum of 30 additional exhibitor registrations.

Registration confirmation/invoice

A registration confirmation/invoice will be sent by email to the group manager after the AIDS 2014 Registration Department has received the fully completed exhibitor registration form and payment in full (if applicable).

Methods of payment

The registration fee must accompany all registrations (if applicable). Payments should be made in advance and in USD only, using a credit card (up to a total amount of USD 7.000) or by bank transfer (for any amount).

Personal cheques, company cheques or Euro cheques are not accepted.

All bank fees and money transfer costs must be prepaid by the transmitter. Indicate the participant number, AIDS 2014 and the delegate’s name as a reference on all bank transfers.

Registration name change

Only name changes advised by the group manager will be accepted. A name change fee of USD 65 will be charged for every name change to an existing exhibitor registration. A new registration form for the substitute exhibitor should NOT be submitted. Name changes will be accepted by email or fax indicating the old and new names including the required contact details until 11 July 2014. After this date, all name changes must be carried out onsite.

Major Industry Sponsors do not have to pay a name change fee.

Cancellation policy

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent to the AIDS 2014 Registration Department by email. The notification must include all relevant information regarding the bank account to which a possible refund may be remitted.

If the written notification of cancellation is received until 2 May 2014, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. We regret that no refunds will be made for cancellations received after this date. The cancellation will not be effective until a written acknowledgement from the AIDS 2014 Registration Department is received. A refund for any additional item (like the abstract book, the abstract USB memory stick, the carbon emission offset, any transportation ticket, etc.) ordered can not be made.

In the case of overpayment or double payment, refund requests must be made in writing and sent to the AIDS 2014 Registration Department, by email, no later than 25 July 2014. A handling fee of USD 65 will be charged.

Refunds will be made in the same form as the original transaction. For original payments made by bank transfer, the cancellation notification or refund request must indicate a bank account to which a refund may be remitted.

Credit will not be given for unattended events or early termination of attendance.

Cancellation of the conference

In the event that the conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the conference organizers (force majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the conference organizers, the conference organizers cannot be held liable by delegates for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, costs for additional orders, financial losses, etc.

Under these circumstances, the conference organizers reserve the right to either retain the entire registration fee and to use it for a future conference, or to reimburse the delegate after deducting costs already incurred for the organization of the conference and which could not be recovered from third parties.

Modification of the programme

The conference organizers reserve the right to modify the programme, which is published as an indication only.

Lost name badge

The conference name badge must be worn at all times during the conference. Access to the conference venue will not be granted without a proper name badge. If a delegate loses, misplaces or forgets the name badge, a handling fee of USD 65 will be charged for a new name badge. Upon handing out a new name badge, the lost badge will be deactivated and become invalid.

Letter of invitation

Exhibitors requiring an official Letter of Invitation from the conference organizers can request one by contacting the AIDS 2014 Registration Department or through their Exhibitor Login. To receive a Letter of Invitation, exhibitors must first register to the conference and pay in full (if applicable).

The Letter of Invitation does not financially obligate the conference organizers in any way, nor does it guarantee an entry visa to Australia. All expenses incurred in relation to the conference are the sole responsibility of the delegate.

Visa requirements

It is the sole responsibility of the delegate to take care of his/her visa requirements. Delegates who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the application procedure. Delegates should contact the nearest Australian embassy or consulate to determine the appropriate timing of their visa applications. All visa applications should be submitted to the authorities two months before travelling to the Australia at the latest (i.e. before mid-May 2014).

Delegate contact, passport and registration details will be shared with the Australian immigration authorities to assist in the immigration process. However, the conference organizers and/or the AIDS 2014 Registration Department will not directly contact embassies and consulates on behalf of delegates.

The registration fee minus a handling fee of USD 65 will be refunded after the conference if the visa was applied for in time and proof is shown that a visa could not be granted even though all requested documents were submitted. A refund for any additional items ordered can not be made. Refund requests must be made in writing and sent to the AIDS 2014 Registration Department, by email, no later than 25 July 2014.

Data protection and sharing of contact details

The IAS will collect and store all personal data for the preparation and execution of the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) and future IAS and AIDS conferences. Data protection is warranted in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act and the Tele Service Data Protection Act.

In order to facilitate border entry and visa applications, the IAS will share contact details of delegates with the Australian immigration authorities.

IAS Principles and values of conference participation

By attending the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), delegates agree to comply with the IAS Principles and Values of Conference Participation. The full policy is available on the conference website and onsite at the registration counter.


The conference organizers shall be held liable in the framework of a duty of care as a respectable businessman according to statutory provisions. The liability of the conference organizers - for whatever legal reason - shall be limited to intent and gross negligence. The liability of commissioned service providers shall remain unaffected by this. The delegate shall take part in the conference at his/her own risk. Oral agreements shall not be binding if these have not been confirmed in writing by the IAS.

Fulfillment and jurisdiction

This contract is subject to the law of Geneva, Switzerland. The terms of this contract shall be fulfilled in Melbourne, Australia and, in the event of any legal claims arising from either party, Geneva, Switzerland shall be the sole court of jurisdiction.

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