International AIDS Society

Non-Abstract Driven Sessions

Non-abstract driven sessions address a variety of current viewpoints and issues. The format and focus of these sessions varies. These sessions are developed by the programme committees with stakeholder input.

Session Types
  • Symposia Sessions address critical issues that defy simple solutions. Focusing on a single, clearly defined topic or issue, speakers and delegates share experiences, contribute relevant research findings and brainstorm ideas to identify possible ways forward. These 90-minute sessions also report on new findings and announce forthcoming research and new initiatives.
  • Bridging Sessions connect the three programme components (Science, Community and Leadership & Accountability) and provide an opportunity for multi-disciplinary, multi-perspective dialogues on topics of common interest. Through interactive formats, speakers share knowledge and perspectives on the particular issue selected. Additionally, speakers highlight linkages and synergies between different areas of expertise. The bridging sessions are 90-minutes in duration.
  • Special Sessions feature presentations by some of the world’s key research leaders, international AIDS Ambassadors and policy specialists. These 60-minute lunchtime sessions are highly engaging for delegates.










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