International AIDS Society


Organizers of the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) welcome new and original abstract submissions. Abstracts which have been previously published or presented at a national, regional or international meeting can only be submitted provided that there are new methods, new findings, updated information or other valid reasons for submitting that can be provided by the author.

If you are hosting a pre-conference or workshop leading up to AIDS 2014, and you will be inviting authors to present abstracts at your event, you may wish to consider applying for co-submission with AIDS 2014. If co-submission is approved, selected abstracts may be presented at your event and at AIDS 2014, without breaking the embargo policy, although your event takes place before the conference.

Affiliated Independent Event organizers may negotiate co-submission of abstracts with AIDS 2014, provided the following conditions are met:
  • The event is approved as an Affiliated Independent Event;
  • The event is closed;
    • Delegates attend the event on an invite only or paid registration basis (i.e. sessions are not open to the general public);
    • Media representatives are not invited, or agree to abide by the AIDS 2014 embargo policy
    • Any sessions involving co-submitted abstracts are be recorded, or recorded sessions comply with the AIDS 2014 embargo policy

  • A final list of abstracts presented at the event are shared with the organizers of AIDS 2014;
  • Authors must submit their abstract using the AIDS 2014 submission system to be considered for inclusion in AIDS 2014.

AIDS 2014 has approved co-submission of abstracts with the following events:
If you wish to apply for co-submission, please contact us at .